Scoot lost checked baggage at Singapore

Scoot lost checked baggage at Singapore
Scoot missing baggage

For my return flight to Singapore, Scoot lost my check-in baggage and i got it back 36 hours later. My scoot flight was a codesharing flight with Singapore airlines and there weren't many bags on the carousel. So a report was made to the baggage lost and found station and I was given "property irregularity report" and was told that they will call me when they found it and to check the link in the meantime.

scoot property irregularity form

I called the SATS number they gave a few times and also the Singapore Airlines lost baggage hotline because the flight was a codesharing flight with Singapore Airlines as well (you can check if you flight is a codeshare flight). You should ask the other codeshare airlines to check for your bag too at the subsequent destinations of the plane.

I called the numbers a few times. When i called again 17 hours after flight arrival, and the Scoot dude told me they have found my bag. Hm, they didn't call me when they found it like they said they would previously. Perhaps they only contact you when the bag's finally in Singapore and they are ready to mail to you. Great. Additionally, the baggage tracer link which they gave me to check for updates was still showing "tracing in progress" after the call(which means bag is not found). This is another reason to you should take the initiative call them up regularly to check on status, if you are really eager to get news of your bag as soon as possible.

Also, i got compensation for delayed baggage from my travel insurance.

In summary, here are some tips when your checked-in baggage is missing:

  • When the checked baggage is missing, it is more often delayed than lost.
  • Get travel insurance. Getting problems overseas is often expensive.
  • For travel insurance claim, don't throw away your physical boarding pass (which is needed for submission for claim) during the flight or screenshot of digital boarding pass. You need the irregularity report as well for claim submission.
  • If the flight is a codeshare on with another airline, call the codesharing flight lost baggage hotline to check for your bags too.
  • For travel, it is useful to put those tracking devices like Airtags and Tiles in your bags. (This woman only found her bag because of the airtag, the airline/airport staff is a mess)
  • Ideally, just minimise the things you are packing and just use carry-on. I almost never check in bags unless they are free or comes with the ticket. Check out r/onebag for carry on inspirations. Wear ur puffy jacket and stuff your pockets.