Kangaroo Island Winter

Kangaroo Island Winter

It's baby animals season.

Pros of visiting Kangaroo Island in the winter

  • It's baby season in Kangaroo Island during the winter. The little penguins start breeding in the winter, joeys come out of pouches, and the cape barren goose are nesting and raising chicks
  • Accommodations tend to be cheaper
  • Tourist spots are less crowded, and there's a lot more solitude.

Cons of visiting Kangaroo Island in the winter

  • Many hiking trails and roads were closed at Flinders Chase National Park during winter. in Winter 2023, all except the platypus waterhole hiking trail was closed. However, Remarkable rocks, admirals arch and weirs cove were open and they are really short trails.
trail list closures in flinders chase during winter
koala and baby

^Baby koala coming out of pouch

kangaroo and baby

Kangaroo and joey

cape barren goose chicks

^ The cape barren goose can become pretty aggressive during nesting

Little penguins hunt to feed their chicks and have to come onto a shore of sharp rocks and crashing waves (sometimes they get injured from this). Fairy penguins raise their chicks during the winter months. there are about 30 breeding pairs here in Penneshaw, Kangaroo Island. I highly recommend the penguin tour in Penneshaw. (protip: stay a night at Penneshaw after the tour to avoid driving at night)

little penguin little penguin

australian sea lion pup
long nosed fur seal

^Australian sea lion nursing and long nosed fur seal pup

Driving in Kangaroo Island at night:

There is a depressingly high amount of roadkill on Kangaroo Island, especially along the highway from Penneshaw to Baudin as well as Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. At those places, I drove by dead koalas/possums/rodents/kangaroo/wallaby every ~30-80 meters. Do avoid driving in the dawn and dusk. Due to the frequent wildlife related car accidents on Kangaroo Island, many car rental companies on Kangaroo Island will void the insurance if you do so and driving before dawn and after dusk is against the terms and conditions of the rental. Some Adelaide car rental insurance also might not cover tow charges if an accident happens on Kangaroo Island. It is most likely that you would encounter Kangaroos beside the road if you drive in the early mornings and evenings. The chances of hitting wildlife is very high at night because kangaroos will suddenly jump out of the trees to cross the roads. Drive at 50-60km/h if you really have to drive after dusk and keep your eyes peeled for things on the road or jumping out of the trees. Most vehicles behind you would be accomodating to your slower speed.

Driving in kangaroo Island at night

Fairy wrens in Kangaroo Island

There are tons of fairy wrens around Millie Mae's Pantry and Fat Beagle. I truly regret spending ONLY 20 minutes at Fat Beagle.

fairy wrens in kangaroo island
fair wrens in kangaroo island

Hidden gem in kangaroo island: Becky's Lagoon trail

There is a very high concentration of birds and wildlife in the western KI caravan park and also this trail. it is a 1.5km walk and takes around 30 minutes to complete. the Trail starts at Western KI Caravan Park (there will be a sign on the entry gate which you should shut after entering and leaving) which is along the road to Flinders Chase and you may park your car there. There is also a grocery store and petrol station. Look out for koalas amongst the eucalyptus trees in this park. Becky's Lagoon trail is a hidden gem in Kangaroo Island, so do visit this if you have time before or after visiting Flinders Chase National Park.

crimson corella kangaroo island
Birds that you might see in Becky's Lagoon trail:
  • Masked Lapwing
  • Crimson corrella
  • Australian black swan
  • Australian Robin
  • Cape Barren Goose
  • Coconut Parakeets
  • Black-faced comorant
  • Red Wattlebird
  • Australian Coot

Other lesser known trails in Kangaroo Island are the Iron stone hill hike near penneshaw and also the wallaby trail.