Visiting Crocker range park without a car

Warning: It is not convenient to get there without a car or a hired driver and might not be worth it. Crocker range official trails are small and might not be well-maintained, but it is possible to explore for multiple days if you are seeking certain widllife and longer multiday trails.

  1. Hire a taxi for the whole day (most time effective but possibly pricey)
  2. Public bus from Kota Kinabalu to Keningau (you can check out Tung Ma Nui Luk for bus schedules and prices (should be around 17MYR)) + get a taxi in keningau with maxim ride-hailing app or the taxi stand. Let the driver know a pick up time or get his number for a return trip to keningau

Crocker range day trails are not very long and might not be well-maintained. There are multi day tour packages for longer hiking trails which I think would be interesting. They can pick you up from Kota Kinabalu.