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PT. Kreasi Inovasi Digital
Kreasi Inovasi Digital is a human capital technology solution company. We provide HC ecosystem that collaborates individuals and organizations to provide better user experiences and cost-effectiveness.
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WorkLifeAndBeyond is an Ecosystem that integrates and streamlines Human Capital Management functions as a Platform to implement Employee Experience inside our company.
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Team, JAKARTA - Minggu, (28/11/2020) diselenggarakan penandatanganan Nota Kesempahaman antara ACT Consulting (ESQ Group) dengan PT Kreasi Inovasi Digital (brand aplikasi WORK LIFE & BEYOND) secara offline di Studio lantai 23 Menara 165 dan tetap mematuhi protokol kesehatan. Work Life and Beyond (WLB) merupakan perusahaan penyedia  solusi...

Stephen is a TIA Star Contributor and publishes exclusive, high-value content that serves the Asian tech community. Read more from TIA Star Contributors here. I was at the Wharton People Analytics conference, watching a machine learning expert describe the power of algorithmic hiring. “Can an algorithm make a better hiring...